Saturday, October 08, 2005

Francis' Birthday

So on Monday nite Francis and I made a spontaneous call and jetted out to Atlantic City to spend the nite and celebrate his bday (which was on the 4th). I was quite exhausted but his enthusiasm was infectious so we cabbed to PABT and hopped onto a bus at 8:45p and got to AC by 11:30p.

We stayed at the Borgata (the lobby pic is the above) and was "SURPRISE" upgraded to their fabulous suite... the place was bigger than our LES apartment! :-) The bathroom was the size of our bedroom hehheh

It was fun, we ate, we played, we gamed, and shopped at the outlets. Was a blast. Originally lost $400 bucks but LUCKILY recovered $500 on the slots. Was a fun time, but we always have fun when we hang so this was no exception.



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