Wednesday, November 02, 2005

First Day in November

Guess what ! Because of the cold weather hit us last week now they really made it for us, it is so very really nice started last Sunday and will last untul the end of this week. What so weird is, every Halloween (at least in the past couple of years that we live here in NY) the waether is always great. I remembered last year it was colder before and after Halloween but on the 31st, it became so warm and nice.

So we went back to Yakiniku West last night in E.Village, we actually planned to stay home since we don't want to deal with the Hall. crowd. Check out some pics that we took along the way and also the cook in the kitchen were having fun dressing up as well.

I can't wait for our SF trip this coming Thanksgiving, I am sure we will enjoy SF as we always do. It is kind of half home for me since I used to live there for a lil bit over 5 years.


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