Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Last Day In HK

So today marks the beginning of the END of our vacation :-) I'm leaving HK tomorrow morning for the last part of our vaca in Bali, I'll be meeting Francis there.

So far this trip has been quite a reflective one for me personally. Not only has my parents met (and love) Francis, I finally realized now that my ever-so-infrequent visits back home has become sooo much of a pattern that it's become almost pathetic that I haven't moved back.

Every time I visit, my mom keeps introducing me to the security people in the building because she's 'proud' of her grown-up son. The trip also involves lunching, meeting, and then finally saying 'bye bye' to my childhood cousins (how in their late 20s/30), and every time it is peppered with my emphatical promise that I will return to HK for good to be with home with my mom. But I often head back to the States, fall back into a routine, and then anxiously await and plan my next visit home...

I'm not sure, but this time it seems quite apparent that I will move back to HK soon (or perhaps this just might be another spout of 'guilt'). Maybe now that Francis is somewhat open to the idea of coming to HK to live, it just might push me over the edge. I know it's not fair for my parents that, as the only child, I'm gone for so long. But I also know there will be something I miss alot from the US, especially NY, if I move back here. I am torn, but I also have a feeling that things will resolve themselves very soon. Just look at how quickly it look F and I to make a decision to move from LA to NY...? It's entirely possible!

We look a bit of pics, and will update more when we get back. But here's a few,

Street food stalls in Mongkok... hard to resist...

View from buffet lunch at Hopewell -- an amazing revolving restaurant in WanChai

Goldfish stores in Mongkok


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