Sunday, October 23, 2005


I'll let Francis tell you what we did last nite... since he IS the Madonna fan of the house, I'll let him do the honors.

During the day Saturday tho the weather was crappy. We were supposed to go see a flick (North Country and ShopGirl/The Fog) - but decided to just hang out around town instead.

Used another one of our Diner's Deck card at a W.Village restaurant called GOOD. It was actually truly quite 'good'. Shared a huge breakfast burrito and the GoodBreakfast (ie. eggs, small pancakes + sausage). The place was packed and we were lucky to land a window seat looking out onto Greenwich street. It was nice cozying up with a hot cup of coffee on a drizzling gray morning -- so romantic ;-)

After brunch, we headed uptown to Bloomies to see what kinda sales were going on.

I recently discovered a wonderful New Yorker pasttime: getting 'lost' in one of the big department stores on a stormy afternoon. That's when the store becomes a "micro-city within a city" - you, along with hundreds of other "refugees" in from the storm, are all there gathering inside the highly-commericalize-and-superficial safe haven. And when it's pouring outside, it is perfectly ok to just "hang" inside the store for hours without being treated as a no-life freak.

Everything you want or need are there: restaurants for when you're hungry, Starbucks when you're sleepy, free use of $40-a-bottle hand lotion at the "tester" counter, Polo leather couches at the Furniture department when your feets get tired, and even australian ice cream -- yum yum... and of course, the fun of just browsing or better yet, finding that perfect "great deal"!

We discovered that there are always some CRAZY, (yet non-advertised), sales going on at Bloomies - you just need to have sharp eyes. These gems are 'hidden' at various corners of the store and are usually tagged "Additional XX% off" on small bright red signs against the wall or somewhere at the corners. Good old reliable Bloomies, yesterday was no exception: An extra 50% off already on-sale prices on shoes including retro-Nike's, PUMA, K-Cole etc. The deals were so amazing, got 4 pairs for...well, let's just say amazing deal.

Anyways, that was saturDAY. Last nite was another kind of wild ride - which I'll have F fill you in (*unless he's lazy -- then I'll do the writing) :-)))


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