Sunday, October 16, 2005

77 days before the year of 2006 !

I was just thinking today then it is less than 3 months before the new year. It's been a great year for us living here in NY. I can't believe it times flies so fast.

We decided to stay home tonight after a long evening (last nite that was), I wasn't feeling well today( i guess from the hang over - mixed too many liquors :)

We started the day with V's home cooking breakfast with the delicious chorizos sausage and a fabulous avocado with the bagels and cheese omelet.

And then we went to apple store again to check out the new Nano with the video in it but they didn't have it, finally we went to Javits Center to check out the digital Life Public Event that they held for the weekend. It's kinda kool actually, they had cheap stuffs that have everything in it but still looks pretty crappy, like this digital cam-recorder, the 10 mpxls and a lot of GB for you to download and also mp3 for $299 ! You can't beat that in the market but after looking and especially holding it with our own hands, you know the stuff is 'out' of digital.

They have some cool other stuff though, like this picture below, the colorful retro looking Vespa (scooter)

I got my new apple headset for my shuffle and Vince got the film for his nano with a pretty good deal price. It's amazing how these people making business from the I-Pod ! Its a must have.

We also checked out the computers, cellular phones and also this thing that you can actually use for three different rooms in the house but you don't have to have 3 cable boxes or DVRs. They have this pretty tiny box that you can set up for your three TV's at home.

Long story short, we had a fabulous dinner at the CAFE LOUP (its french and its good) and finally we used the card from the diner's deck NY restaurant card that we bought a few months ago and got a $10 discount which was not bad at all.

Little Manhattan afterwards, I thought the movie was pretty good and you always feel the excitement to see movies which they shot in your city.

That's all folks, the sun finally came out today and we are planning to hit the WSH (west side highway) with our bikes tomorrow.



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