Sunday, October 09, 2005

Stormy Weather

Despite today's NASTY weather (tropical storm hell), we headed out to catch a flick on 34th street. The streets were surprisingly busy - I guess NYkers don't really let weather effect them like Angelenos do. I remember when I lived in LA people didn't leave their houses when it's even slightly drizzling outside -- Whimps! heheh

Anyways, we caught 2 movies back to back, FLightplan with the 'overly-intense' Jodie F. and Two for the Money with the 'overly-buff' Matthew M. Al Pacino was actually quite good in the latter - highly reco 2-4-the-mo'.

On our way to the theater, we saw a strange guy on the bus. He was singing to himself -- with our phone cam, took a snapshot of him,

:-)) After the flicks, headed to Macy's and picked up a couple of jeans -- amazing deal and you can never have enough jeans!!! Macy's was packed, tons of tourists. I feel bad for them, coming to NY and paying $300 bucks or more for hotels when it's pouring outside... oh well.

After that we headed to KTown for KFood. Was really good.

Speaking of food, we actually went to Churrascaria Tribeca last nite, amazing food (and...amazing price $$$$ too!). But well worth it. Tons of meat, and absolutely delicious appetizers. We were totally stuffed. I guess it's gonna be impossible for us to ever lose weight living in NYC!! :-)


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