Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wednesday eve

Yep, definitely got up super early this morning for a conf. call. It's been really pretty nuts at work so glad I'm home now and winding down. Maybe we'll see the movie we rented tonight - Crash. I heard it's quite intense so we need to 'get in the mood' for it. Yeah, the Expo sounds good this weekend! It's really been quite beautiful out lately -- wish we could walk the babies more often. But definitely will try to take them to the doggie park again this weekend!

BTW, we bought the coolest camera this weekend... it's the new Casio Exilim S500. Super compact and slim -- even better than the Sony T7 I think. And it's on sale at Circuit City, $50 off from its original price (we went a couple days earlier to check it out)... so we lucked out!

Here's a pic outside our bedroom window of downtown NY -


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