Wednesday, January 18, 2006

First Day Back from Asia

It's been a little over two weeks that we have been gone. We finally back to NYC.
It was a great trip for both of us, its always nice to see and hang out with family after all.

HK is really amazing, I like it a lot there ! People move like ants like when they are rushing for sugar, especially when its rush hour, the trains run almost every minute and the buses make you don't want across the streets.

Love how you scan the train card (octopus) instead of putting it in like most of them operate.

Malls are everywhere from one building to another, don't see a lot of dogs though, think its because of the rule that can't bring animals inside the mall because definitely can't walk them around the city.

I was there almost 10 years ago and didn't really realized the buildings are back to back and they are mostly really tall ! And the '8P Light Show' ? It was a blast ! Imagine like all of those buildings between HK and Kowloon are talking to each other with the lights and sound/narrator for the good 15 minutes !

We are planning to move there maybe in the next 6 months and I am so ready for it !

Now let me tell you guys about how Jakarta had changed in the past decade. Money are like the monopoly ones. Even my sister sometimes can't tell which is which. They are very colorful and you just have to be careful with the 'zeros'.

I got to hang out with the whole family which is very nice and to see my nephew and the two nieces. Never met them by the way since they were born.

I still have the same feeling overall about the city, but it had growth so much, so many apartments had been built and also the freeways, Starbucks are everywhere but the polution will never dissapear there.

After a short 'long' stay in Jakarta, I finally met Vince in Bali. The weather was gourgeous in the first couple of days which was perfect since we did all the tour on the second day.

We went to everywhere as far as UBUD on the north part of the island and Tanjung Benoa on the south part of the island. Bali is very tropical and touristy. I was there almost about 12 years ago and can't remember since how it looked like. Its humid and the tropical rain comes in and out (Dec-Apr is the rainy season in Indonesia).

We did the gay massage, nothing really sexual of course but it was good and relaxing on the third day we were there.

The food was FAB. miss it already.

Below are some pics from the Floating Park, the tallest (in the process) statue of one of the Goddess and the Famous Sacred Tanah Lot Temple all in one Island of God, BALI !


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