Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cold and Grey

As you can tell from the title, the weather was not good today, I feel like I live back in SF.

Well today is actually my first time posting it into our Blogger. It's been not too busy today (hell yeah, it's a COLUMBUS day, that's why ! )but unfortunately I will have to work today which is fine since I'll be getting Thursday off and had 2 days off last week on my b'day !

It is not bad actually to start a Monday after a nite out last night, we finally be able to really wear all the vintage that we bought from last LA trip because of the weather which is good, we started yesterday with a quick stop at the S'bucks around LES area (yes, they finally opened one right in the middle of all the hipster !) and finally we got a chance to walk our daughter and son (that is Buffy and Rocky).

Afterwards, had a fabalous brunch at the Jerry's and went around the city (the usual SOHO, W-Village and U-Square) which was fantastic as always, got the i-fusion (portable speakers) from the apple store.

We try to walk more rather than taking the so 'unreliable' subways in NYC (yes it's true, they are great but sometimes they just never show up at the the stations for the longest time especially on the weekend)

We finally ended the evening with a friend of ours (his name is Eric and he is Euroasian from the UK) at the super affordable and delicous italian restaurant in SOHO - forgot whats it called and went all the way to Tribeca and celebrated one of our friend's birthday afterwards (she is a libra like me) had fabalous margaritas.

That's all folks, more are coming for sure !


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