Saturday, November 19, 2005

death of another great restaurant

Hey everyone, so after a few days hiatus -- since our cable box was down for the longest time -- I hate Time Warner Cable. :-PPP It's about time we switch to dsl or something.

Anyways, tonite we were gonna go for dinner with some friends at Kitchen & Cocktails, a West Coast 'transport' that opened here on the LES about a year ago, but when we called to make a reservation... low and behold the message was a guy who announced "we regret that we have closed our doors..." how sad... I guess it's tough to survive in NYC, especially in such a trendy area. We went once and their food was actually amazing -- and the price was great! *which is prolly the problem... too affordable...

Anyways, gonna have a great weekend. Will see the Rockette's xmas show on Sun nite, I know sounds cheesy but we're totally excited!


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