Sunday, November 06, 2005

Four seasons in one day...

What a day! It was one of those New York days, when it feels like summer, looks like fall, with a touch of Xmas spirit already in the air.

Spent the day in and around C.Park - starting at Rock's touristy ice-skating area rink...

to Fifth and SAKS. Check out the new store that Oprah ISN'T gonna be stopping by any time soon,

Central park was abuzzed with holiday spirit. The horse and buggy rides are already all decked out with holiday charm --

But the weather was so warm, had to grab a couple of cool treats to chill out.

While ice-skaters are skating in mid 70's temp.

The park was in all shades of fall,

and tipped a jazz musician performing under the bridge...ahhh beautiful sounds of New York...

Afterwards, went with Francis to get a haircut (I got mine on Friday). Down to good ol' chinatown for that!


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