Friday, January 20, 2006

Disney HK

Ok, so I know we've been back for a few days now (still a little jetlagged... whimp I know), but in a way we haven't really updated all there is to update from our trip, hence the continuing 'saga'...

The last night in HK was especially memorable. After we flew back from Bali, we had to stay one more night in HK (transit) before our flight the next morning. we made the lucky call to choose the new Disneyland Hollywood Hotel close to the airport, and I'm glad we did -- even just for the experience.

Disneyland opened back in Sept and it was amazing to see the investment into the, not just the park, but the extension OUTSIDE of the actual park itself.

I thought the most amazing was the "Disney Subway" train which is actually a subway car converted to the disney-themed - all the way from the Mickey Mouse windows to Mickey Mouse handles on the railings.

The seats were converts to 'loungy couches' and there were gold statuettes of Disney characters on the train! It was really amazing!

The hotel was quite nice as well, everything was 'Disney' from the toothbrush to the combs and laundry bags -- it was definitely nice.

Anyways, that's about it for me -- again Asia was definitely great and it was nicer because Francis and I experienced it together... by the way my parents love him alot, which is that much better.


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