Saturday, September 20, 2008

Three cities in 2 weeks

So after the two weeks in the west coast, we continued our journey to western europe and headed to Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. Paris was gorgeous, Amsterdam was touristy, but Brussels was quaint and sweet - literally with belgian waffles and chocolates everywhere you turn.

Its amazing how many beautiful buildings and architectures in Paris that really after a day or two, you feel really lost in between them, what I really meant is really they all look alike ! Everywhere you turn, there are the same buildings that you already saw like 15 minutes ago or perhaps we just went back to the same spot as we circling the city. Check out the wall sticker that we got from one of the store.

The Lion

The magnificent and mysterious Louvre

Watchalookinat !

We split the Paris stays and headed to Amsterdam when Francis got a chance to meet his old BFF after 10 years, the picture below is one of the building on the canal not the Jumbo Rest. in HK.

Then Brussels afterwards to check out the old cobble stones city with their famous chocolate and yet we found this picture right in the center of the gay area.

Mr. Croco Disc in the Art District

Trained back to Paris and spent 2 more full days and finally had the last dinner right inside the smallest studio apartments that we ever stayed at yet we managed to create a dining room.

AU REVOIR ! and won't be back for a while !


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