Friday, October 19, 2007

Asia - here we are

Are we 'home'? Honestly, having lived away from Hong Kong for most of my life... coming back and living here is less like HOME than experiencing a new foreign country for me. Which is fascinating although there's still quite a bit of adjustments.

We were lucky and found a great apartment with a nice ocean view...

And traveled extensively since we arrived. First we went to Bangkok. I tell you, the design sensibilities of the city is remarkable... from the malls to even the little hole-in-the-wall restaurants. There was so much to see and it's so much more developed than I had imagined...

We then jetted off to Malaysia and KL. We stayed at the mandarin oriental which was very nice and elegant - great service BTW - highly recommended if you visit KL.

The Petrona twin towers there have pretty much become my all time favorite skyscrapers now - edging over the Chrysler Bldg... it's truly spectacular and breathtaking against the skyline - like 2 silver bullets. Overall KL was a gorgeous city as well...

F went back to Indonesia a few times and was great for him to see his family. As for me, of course, my parents, grand-dad, and cousins are estatic about my return.

So far, I would say we are still adjusting to life here - but hey, we don't call this blog the ADVENTURES of Vince and Francis for nothing!!


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