Friday, October 19, 2007

Half way around the world...

So it's been over 6 months since we last posted. We had left you guys at the end of winter in NYC it's Oct 07, it's almost winter again - except this time we're living in ASIA. Yes yes, how times have changed. :-)

In the past few months, we moved from the Big Apple to Hong Kong - home sweet home for me and 'closer to home sweet home' for F. Yup, big change and it's been an amazing experience.

After packing all the necessities which needed to be shipped over (god forbid they don't sell Garnier shampoo in HOng Kong...):

...we jetted off for a last-hurrah trip to the West Coast - starting with Seattle mainly to visit the original Starbucks..

And up to beautiful vancouver...

Where we stayed at a boutique hotel with HORRIBLE service... and a very bitchy front desk woman :-P (yes, that's the one in the picture)

... then all the way down to Vegas...

Yep, great trip indeed, perfect before our big move to Asia!


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