Thursday, November 24, 2005

Burrr...jetting off to the WCoast

So, we got passes to see the MOVIE version of RENT this past Monday -- now I'm totally addicted to the soundtrack. haven't purchased a CD in god knows how long, I actually shelled out $15 bucks for the soundtrack at Virgin. Interesting that we just saw the Bway show last weekend and can totally compare and contrast the two. The movie version seems... shall I sterilized. The set is a bit TOO perfectly groomed to be grimey-LES although I found out it was shot in San Francisco -- hey, at least it wasn't shot in some backlot in the Valley... Anyways, I think that living in the area where the story was based made me much more critical.

I kinda became one of those annoying guys who kept whispering "East village doesn't look like that... which block are they referring to?!?" Kept questioning the authenticity of the piece. I did fall in the love with the music and Francis can't get "Seasons of Love" out of his head... as he keeps singing it... all night. :-) ANyways, we got the free pass to see it so can't complain.

Last night was our 'pre-SF/Thanksgiving-NY-dinner' out at one of our fave restaurants in our area the Clinton Baking Co. Tues is their $15/bottle wine day and so we ordered a bottle of riesling to toast our upcoming vacation. We're normally not big wine-ies (def not as much as we are foodies or, for me, "cocktail-ies"), but last night we gave in.

This place, if you've never been, is one of the most relaxing and comfy restaurants around. You totally feel like you are having dinner at a friend's home -- that is if your friend is a master chef who cranks out gourmet butter fried chicken and biscuits flakier than we are (per our brit friend E).

The place was buzzing last night but it never feels overly busy and the prices are quite reasonable for the area. Def. recommend trying it out -- and not just for brunch!

Ok, will write again when we get back from SF on Wed when I know we'll have tons of pics to share - happy TG day to all!!


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