Sunday, November 20, 2005

counting down

Counting down to the day when we jet outta here and back to SF to spend thanksgiving with our friends. Already there are a couple parties we are invited to -- so pretty excited.

Anyways, had a great Fri nite with a bunch of new friends we met at Ang's house party last weekend. Went to this french brasserie last nite - was fun. We were such an 'international' group - between the 7 of us we represented Asian, Black, Hispanic, Indian, and White... :-)

The place was packed, the food was ok - the company was good tho. The girl who actually invited us to the dinner works at a production company and she and Francis totally click - since they have the same type of clientele.

This morning we walked across the Wburg bridge by our house to Wburg.

We rarely venture over to Brooklyn altho it's like super hipster-ville (the L platform at Bedford looks like an underground hipster bar... I swear, if I had no shame -- which I really don't, I would have taken a pic of those 'hipsters' at the station and posted on here heheh).

We had lunch at a cool little restaurant -- great french toast sandwich and really amazing turkey cobb salad! And they have this interesting decoration on the shelf behind the bar -- which I just HAD to take a pic of.

So I got a good tip last night at dinner, about the benefits of green-drinks and organic / fresh food. I'm on a desperate search to adopt a healthier regimen - including eating consistent meals and eating healthiers in general. So we headed to this place called Pure Juice on 17th & Irving Pl for a greenie + ginger (as per recommended) -- and Francis got a fruitie + ginger.

Honestly my greenie didn't taste very good (doesn't look appetizing either huh?), but I did feel refreshed and more energized (less tired) after downing it.

Afterwards, we saw Harry Potter in U.Square - it was alright. Harry and his friends are definitely growing up - and quite a bit of sexual innuendos (sp??) with Harry taking a bath with a girl ghost etc...

I think the next one will have Harry making out or even losing his virginity. Also in this sequel, his friend Ron is acting more like his lover... :-) Very similar to the homoerotism of Lord of the Rings (brotherly love....? wink wink)

Afterwards tried sushi at this place in E-Village. Next block over they are shooting the new film Super ExGirlfriend with Uma Thurman (I think). The sushi was actually one of the better ones I had in NYC, and they have a great pre-7pm prix-fix. Yum-O!


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