Thursday, February 09, 2006

Biz Trip Week

I miss F alot this week... of course cause I've been on a biz trip all week this week -- hopefully F will read this and know how very much I miss him and Buffy and Rocky.

It's Wed nite in SF, after spending the last 2 days entertaining clients and speaking at a conference, I'm quite wiped out. Looking forward to a quiet but productive day at the hotel tomorrow actually. The weather in SF is NICE, it's about 70 degrees today - But can't enjoy it without my honey, heheh just not the same.

So we're planning a trip up to Montreal next weekend, I'm totally looking forward to it!! Mainly because i get to spend quality time with F... awww.. so sweet. :-)

So i was in vegas the past 2 days for a conference, and hung out with my clients at night. Last night I took him to see "Ka" the amazing Cirque De Solei at the MGM. It was truly amazing! The acrobatic skills and the special effects... wow!! Too bad it was a 10:30pm show after a non-stop day --- I was soooo tired. I think my client fell asleep for portions of it. heheh BUt truly though, it was really amazing... my first CdS show!

So now I'm in SF for the last part of my trip. Spent the nite with a couple of friends in LA who were here on business - my older 'sister' Sharon and her friend Michelle. It was great seeing both of them again -- it's been over 2 years since I saw Sharon. She looks the same, wild / happy / hot -- never changed since I met her over 10 years agO! She rocks but I know she's going thru shit and I just want her to be happy... hopefully one day...


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