Monday, February 13, 2006

Blizzard 2006 in NYC

Yes its finally came !!! We thought it will never happen this year, yeah right !
It is almost 4P now and its finally slowing down, the snow had been falling for over 24 hours now but the weosrt time was between midnight until noon today. Nearly 23 inches by Central Park this late morning. Wondering how I-95 looks like ?

V is still in SF (stucked ! ) they had cancelled all flights to and from 3 airports in NY. He will have to fly back home on Valentine's Day.

Not so much for me to do this weekend alone by myself except watched the WORST movie I ever saw like the house in the movie though When Stransgers Calls. It is so bad that you don't even know what is really they are telling to tell the movie watchers ? And why are we suppose to understand the f***ing story line ? Good that I watched also the FD III which was also bad, but kinda satisfied since I am the 'bad-horror movie' watcher !

See now all New Yorkers finally relieved that the blizzard is here, we were keep wondering why is it not coming yet ? Stop wondering and lets cheer up to the snow and play with it while its last because the next couple more days, its going to be the warm ones !

So the NY Fall Fashion Week had officially ended on Friday. I hope all the Fashionistas made the flight going to Milan for the next show. Imagine if they had to leave last night or today ? All the fashionistas are going to freak out especially those Models !

What elese happening in NY these days ? Did I miss anything ?


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