Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Yes It has been a WHILE

OMG ... We know We know ... been really lazy but hopefully we will continue doing it

In the past three months we have been travelling so much and the last trip was one of the longest ones. I (F) made the Round The World Trip for 24 days visiting Jakarta, HK-Macau, Shanghai and Tokyo. V himself visited everywhere except Jakarta. I did transatlantic and transpacific on the way back.

It was nice finally got to spend time for almost 2 weeks with family and especially got the time to hang out really at my hometown in Jakarta. It changed so much since I had left almost 9 years ago. Lots of apartments buildings, new shopping malls and there is this movie theatre called 'EX', so basically its a regular movie theatre but You get to orfer food and eat-drink while watching the movie in the very nice and soft reclined leather chair complete with the blanket. It was such an experience and I think You can only find it in Jakarta which makes me feel a little proud.

HK is always the same - very lively and FAB. - got to hang out with my sisters since they went there as well to meet V. Went to Macau which is very fascinating, they have the WYNN hotel there and supposedly the hotel makes 6 times more profits than the one in Las Vegas !

Shanghai is one of the most developing city these days, got to experience the MAGLEV-the fast magnet train from Pudong airport for 8 minutes ride to the station close to the city and the fastest speed was 425km/h. So basically the train itself doesn't touch the rail and it runs on the magnetic strip.

We don't like Tokyo as much, no english was widely spoken and also the people were really like robots (no offense in our opinion the way they greet people its like they are speaking to themselves)

Overall the trip was GREAT. Love the first and business class cabins - of course I got good deals but definitely ritish Airways and Northwest are one of the best seats in the business not so much on Continental.


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