Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Gorgeous Monday

Weather has been really nice after the stormy storm last week.

So we finally ended the weekend watching 'Strangers with Candy' very hilarious movie with lots of different characters and actually it was a tv show and they did a movie of it. There is one Indonesian person character in the movie since one of the writers is Indonesian. V was the once who wanted to see it and it was really entertaining.

The night before we actually went out until around 4am in the morning (haven't done that for awhile)-we started going to XES Lounge in Chelsea to celebrate one of our friend's bday party and continued at one of the east village's karaoke place with some friends which was very fun !!!

We went to this Southern Food Restaurant called Maroons in Chelsea, the food was excellent-the fried chicken is to die for-the empanada is one of the BEST in the city


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