Friday, December 02, 2005

Diddy"s Girls Out Event at SAKS

So today is the first day of Decembear and we are so counting for the New Year. After a FAB trip to SF (it's our 3rd year anniv by the way), we are back in NYC and we both are so glad to be back and do our 'regular' stuff which one of them is parteeeeee !

Spent the evening after work checked out the 'christmas tree' at Rock. Center which they lit last night until Jan 7th. We are planning to get the christmas tree this weekend.

SO I got this invitation from work to attend P.Diddy event at Saks, we got there a little late but the party has just started, the drinks were okay but the crowd is very fashionist, its too good to be GAY sometimes and dressed differently in our own way, always like to be the center of the attention, stands out so well amongst others with the attitudes.

Love the decor, they have these tubes with three different colors (white, silver and clear) so its kinda looks like mirror but its actually you can see other people behind it.

SO yes, He finally showed up just right before we left, check out the pictures below.


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