Friday, December 02, 2005

Finally SF Trip - Documented

So finally after a week break from the blog - we're back on again! As you guys know we headed to SF this last week to celebrate TG weekend with our old buddies on the WC. But before we headed out, actually went to a local karaoke bar in Chinatown with E and his buddy A. We haven't sung karaoke in a while and it was a blast! the drinks weren't bad either!

After K, we headed to G lounge for a quick drink before heading home.

So SF was a bit gloomy when we first got there, but the view from our hotel as amazing! And talk about location location location -- right smack in Union Square!

The next morning the weather totally cleared up, absolutely GORGEOUS! Had breakfast at U-Square (some touristy joint)...

then went thrift store shopping (love that!) and got some funky scarfs and this cool bomber jacket at Haight/Asbury.

Afterwards that night, we headed to our friend's place for a 'traditional' Thanksgiving dinner. The couple D and P cooked (well I think P did most of the actual cooking) a JUICY turkey and even had Chinese and Western stuffing!

The next morning the weather was even more amazing -- just atypical SF weather, not a cloud in sight.

Met up with our friend M for a sushi lunch at the Sunset district and then browsed... ahem... a discount store which I shall not name or else M will have my head!

That night, hung out at Castro and club hopped...with friends. Great seeing everyone again and even our Brit Buddy E was in town!!

Anyways, the trip was amazing and I understand now why the song "I left my heart in SF" is oh so true... love it there...

Exhausted and back in NYC - cabbing back from the airport at 2am in the morning. Whew! What a ride and loved every minute of it!


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