Sunday, February 19, 2006

Last Day in Montreal

So the best part about our Montreal trip?? The HOTEL! F got us a Jr. Suite at ultra hip Hotel St. Paul for our vacation -- the room was amazing and love that fireplace in the lobby.

The subway is also one of its highlights -- clean, efficient, and smooth... The only trash we found on the tracks was a slice of pizza...which definitely can't happen in MY since the rats would have gotten to it already :-)))

So on our first nite (Fri) in Montreal, we headed to a cool restaurant called SALOON in the gay village... very clubby and chill - perfect for the first night!

Saturday was spent braving the cold and hanging out in their "underground mall" :-)

That night we checked out one of Montreal's "famous" attractions... a strip club! The difference between Canadian strip clubs and US ones is that they can be fully nude up north -- so we just HAD to check it out. It was like a gym locker room but with cocktails. TOo bad I couldn't take any pics to share with you -- guess you'll just have to go and check it out yourself. Went to a place called Campus - supposed to be the best one in town.

Sunday was our last day in Montreal. So it was like the coldest days here the past 2 days -- but sunday the weather warmed up a bit, so we headed out and walked around the city.

Of course no trip is complete without paying our respects at Chinatown...

The last stop on Sun was the Olympic stadium -- and the cool cable car up to the observatory.

The city is definitely gorgeous but because of the freezing weather this time around. Would like to visit again when it's warmer -- I'm sure the city would be much more lively!

Today is Monday, Pres Day. Heading to a biz trip in Chicago tomorrow -- fly fly again... can't wait to settle down a bit and spend some quality time at home with F and our two babies... :-)


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