Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wknd @ Home

Finally, after traveling so much recently for work - finally, get to spend a nice quiet weekend at home. And with this nasty weather, there's no better place to be than the comfy of our apt. No matter what F says, I think our humble LES apt is still nice and cozy - although I'm just as excited to move to our bigger place in Williamsburg. :-))

Last nite we went to see The Breakup. I was originally gonna pass on this one, not a big fan of either V or J and the premise seemed predictable. But it was actually a pleasant surprise and turned out to be quite good. Should have guessed when the theater was fully packed even if this is like the 3rd week in release. I think it's definitely worth it and make you appreciate your relationship more -- actually a thought provoking 'date movie' vs. a 'chick flick'. Also the movie makes Chicago such a hip/romantic city.

Anyways, supposed to be heading to a friend/colleague's place in Hells Kitchen later this PM since his BF is publishing a new recipe book on 'environmental friendly cooking' -- interesting, very "LA" kinda thing but in NY.

Gonna really chill tonite and spend some quality time at home, loving it.


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