Friday, May 26, 2006

Overdue Vacation

Europe here we come! :-) Never been there, extremely excited to go. We're leaving this afternoon, took the day off to get ready and pack.

Last Friday F and I went to have dinner at the Hudson. the food wasn't bad, actually it was surprisingly YUMMY, with garlic fries to die for. We originally sat outside but when it began to drizzle, we headed inside instead - it was nice and clubby and the drinks were really amazing.

With the opening of the Apple store in midtown, we headed up to 5th & 57th to check it out. We realized that NYkers have an innate fascination with chain store openings... the people in this city seems deprived of 'middle american experience'. Trader joes and now Apple store. There was actually a line in front of the store that Sat morning. Of course, since getting up to 57th isn't an easy task (so many subway stops...), we made it there and so we also stood in line. It was funny since this girl walked up to the line and asked, "What is the line for?". I said, "To get inside the store." Her face was blank, she probably thought we were morons. "I know, it's stupid." i said, thinking that will redeem ourselves. At least the wait wasn't too long, soon we entered the glass encased boxed entrance that lead downstairs to the store.

This Apple store is supposed to be open 24 hrs a day. Interesting, I guess god forbid the artsy musician / filmmaker losing their connection in the middle of the night.



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