Monday, May 29, 2006

3am in London

yes, it's the middle of the night, ie 9pm in NY. Second day and in London and did quite a bit today. Getting a kick out of the British accents and the Brits in general - they are a funny bunch, often acting like their out of their minds and half drunk. It's funny to watch them dance and joking and childishly playful in their 'refined' accents.

tonite we actually ventured out of central london area down south to Vauxhall - just to explore life outside of the touristy spots. the area is totally 'local' and actually had a wonderful (and for once not overly expensive) dinner at an Indian restaurant in the area. Vauxhall is actually home to the city's 'underground' gay area with a sauna and a couple of hard core / afterhour type clubs. We actually went to one of the neighborhoods newest clubs called Area, which isn't even supposed to open till July. It was open tonite for the post white party crowd. Was interesting, the people were definitely local and the sound system was amazing. It is still under construction and the bathrooms still smelled of pre-painted wooden walls.

took a bus home, (didn'tknow the tube closed at midnite!) and now ready to sleep. 2 days in London, one more day to go then off to Gay Paris... oh, but not before seeing Mary Poppins the Musical tomorrow!! So excited!


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