Monday, May 15, 2006

Back to D.C

So we were in DC over the weekend for work and F tagged along. We finally decided to fly instead of taking the train and driving since we thought the driving is going to be a pain and left the two babies at home again. Supposedly we will bring them together on the road trip - maybe next time.

Hotel Helix has one of the most colorful rooms from all of the hotels that we had stayed at. 350 sq ft. with the cute curtain divider between spaces. trying hard to be hip and hollywood... The location is great though - within walking distance to the gay clubs/bars and also a block away from whole foods and 7-eleven is around the corner.

There was actually a nice bar close to the hotel called Halo.. not sure if it's new or what, but it was pretty cool - reminded us of XL but newer and spacy-er. They had the most amazing Cucumber Ginger Martini I've ever tasted... soo freshing. I think if they actually had a BAR inside of a spa, this would be the signature drink.


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