Monday, April 24, 2006

Rainy Weekend

DAMN ! It was sunny and hot on last Thursday and it became really cold the next day until today.
The rain finally pour again for the longest time starting yesterday and it just stopped.

I know its been almost a week we didn't do the blog since busy of course with stuff and being so lazy ! hehe ..

Last weekend, we finally got to check out the W-Burg again and its actually its not bad walking to the other train station which are J/M/Z line instead of taking the L train since we just literally live off the Wbrg bridge. Checked out some cool stores and the other side of the main bedford street when all the artist live, It such a cool place.
Got some vintages from the japanese store which has some stuff on sale of course and we just had to get it since its so hot :)

On Sunday, we finally went to Woodburry Commom by taking a train and came home with a bus. I would reccomend to just take the bus roundtrip since the train from the city you kinda have to change in Secaucus junction and then take cab from the off station to reach the outlet. Some GOOD deal of course, Barneys NY-lacoste-TUMI-BanRep etc .. got some summer stuff for ourselves and still can get over it until we left the outlet. Weather was great but unfortunately some stores were closed since it was Easter.

Something really about shopping in NY, don't buy retail !!! ever ! Sure its up and coming first its launched but wait until a couple of months when they have a big SALE, the prices would drop like you can ever imagine how good deal they are.

We started this weekend a bit mellow since the weather is not promising at all. Went to this DIner at Tribeca, good 'diner food' if you know what I meant but the crowds are very local which is always good and headed up to Tribeca Grand Hotel since they had the store rent sale for only 1 day and unfortunately the stuff is for gurrllsss ... so we left sadly !

Finally we ended the Saturday night with bunch of friends had dinner at the OLIVA right close to our house and continued it to Hotel on Rivington for drinks. Although it was pouring last night, the restaurant was packed and of course the bar at THOR is really really crowded as usual but luckily we live a block away so we just crashed after a long FAB. night !!!


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