Saturday, July 08, 2006


It's been a crazy week this week, although it's only a 3 day workday - but boy o boy the drama at work... whew. Not gonna go into it since everything is 'confidential'. Let's just say "TGIF!!!!"

It's such a gorgeous day today and just supposed to get better this weekend. After full two weeks of gloomy / rainy / sticky / hot weather - today it completely cleared up and BLUE SKIES once again.

Last nite we went again to our fave BYOB in the LES called Orchard. IF you haven't tried it out, it's a MUST TRY. Amazing flatbreads although the $24 risotto is little bit of a rip off...

So a few weeks back we went to one of our friend's partners' book launch party in Hells Kitchen. He's a 'master chef' and published a book on "environmentally conscious cooking" - interesting huh? Such an "LA-minded" book published by an old time (not old mind you:-) ) NYorker. Here's a picture of the cake featuring the cover of the book.


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