Sunday, July 09, 2006

MOre stuff

So we spent yesterday strolling around town and spent another few $$$ on stuff for the 'new place'. We were careful not to buy anything that we can't take with us eventually since this is only a rental. It seems that all the stores in the city are 'on sale' -- tons of great deals at PBarn and C&B. But we gotta be careful -- don't wanna over do it since we haven't even moved in yet!

Last night we hung out with our friend Courtney and her 'posse'. :-) She just got a cool new job at a photographer mgmt agency and we're so totally happy for her. She was in such a "devils wear prada" situation before and now she's 100 times happier. Anyways, was nice to chill with everyone and ended with wine on our rooftop - 360 degree views of the city -- we'll miss that for sure when we move to Billburg.

Speaking of the move, we actually took the step and sent out that e-vite for our housewarming party in Aug this last Thursday -- and a few people responded already -- should be a blast and really looking forward to it!

Gonna head to Cafe Gitane for brunch and then hang out around town again. Maybe take Buffy and Rocky to Tompskin Sq Park first to play. :-)


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