Tuesday, July 18, 2006

GOD . .it's hot today !

I think summer is really finally here ! Yesterday was awful and today is worst ! And I've heard tomorrow will not be better
After fighting with the heat inside my office which was around 105 degress considering it was 95 degress outside since one of the AC is not working, thank god i have my own little fan below my desk and its helping me a bit

We finally went to Dumont yesterday to have lunch in Wburg which is a block away from our new house. We are really excited to move next two weeks and decorate our new place.

At the Dumont Patio...

People are a lot friendlier outside the city, they even welcomes us to their neighbourhood - strangers who sat right next to us when we were having lunch yesterday at Dumont. We did also finally try Relish a day before and again, we had the same experience. People are not trying as hard, they are more real and definitely friendlier.

So this week will be a busy weeknights for us . .starting tomorrow, I (F) will be going to have dinner with my coworkers, it should be nice and Wed. will be the Madonna night - yes we are going to her concert for the second time with bunch of friends, Thur. we definitely want to go out and enjoy the LES area before we really leave, they opened some new rest and Friday-V wil l try to get me in to the Asian Film Festival Event. John-one of our friend will have his bday party at XES Lounge that should be fun as well-love the outdoor part. And will end it on Sunday night-Dynastea Event from the GAPIMNY organization.

Can't wait to write them all in this blog.


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