Thursday, December 08, 2005

Project Runway Paaaty

Ok, so tonite we braved the below-freezing weather and actually headed out on a weeknight to one of Francis's party --- the seasons ultimate reality-tv-slash-fashion party ... no not america's next top model... the second runner up...

heidi's Project Runway premire party at the Aer Lounge at Meatpacking sponsored by Elle and Banana Rep... (Thanks GOD for the sponsors... ie. decent giftbags)

The place was packed -- I guess it made sense since it seems everyone in the world was a sponsor including banana republic, miramax, bravo, elle, and l'oreal. Supposedly, the 'movers and shakers' of the "industry" were there.

Can't complain, open bar + food... including shitake mushroom cups, steak prosiutto (i know i spelled it wrong), chicken satay (ho-hum)... wish they had those amazing mini burgers like they did at the p-diddy event last week... those were yummy!

The place was swarmed with models old and new like Iman and others I only know by face but not by name -- (what do u expect... they're models) - surprisingly the queer eye folks weren't there! Perhaps they're pissed they might be cancelled...

So people overlooking eachother's shoulders watching the TIVO'ed version of tonite's premiere... we really didn't bother.

Also, spotted last year's PRunway's winner... that fat guy - forget his name... SOOO apparently he's really a big rice queen!!! :-) We spotted him with this Asian guy and he shouted out loud "I'm a RICE QUEEN!" in the middle of the party. How totally embarrassing!!! :-)

THe party was ok, free drinks and amazing finger food -- i Loved the steak !!! Anyways, the best part is the $50 gift certificate we got from Banana Republic. :-)))))


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