Saturday, March 25, 2006

2:30AM in LA

ie....5:30AM in NY. Boy o boy, what a day. It's been super hectic all day prepping for our client's event in Koreatown -- an upscale Korean event for an upscale cosmetic company SKII -- amazing turnout and even more amazing nibbles!
Before the event and prepping -- which I thought would never end... F and I headed to the ultra hip Hugos for brunch -- I ordered their incredible Breakfast Pizza and F ordered their also very goood granola pancake (sooooo LA i guess).

Just came back from Weho with F and YJ, a colleague and friend from my company. YJ has never been to LA / West Coast and was quite taken by the sites/sounds of Weho-- the Abbey and Rage (ie. gamboi tonite). I haven't danced for a while and it was nice/refreshing to sweat sweat sweat.

(The morning after picture)

I didn't reallize how incredible relaxing LA can be that I'm back. I guess after a year and a half of living / working in Manhattan, 70degrees sunshine and claim quiet streets isn't such a bad thing anymore.

I guess F told you guys about the start sightings thus far. it's weird, we ran into so many celebs in the past two days - since they really only come out during the week, like of like celebavampires... I don't expect to run into many tom (sat) or sundayl.

So we'll be heading to the Ivy tom for brunch with my friends S and M (not S&M...) Looking fwd to it. F confirmed our flight on Sunday which will be a red eye and gets in at 7am on Monday. Which means we have all day / night sat and all day sun to hangout. Looking forward to finally enjoying the weekend!!


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