Monday, March 13, 2006

Another Weekend in NY

So I didn't have to work this weekend and will never be ! I Have my blackberry on all the time anyway so I can spend some quality times together with V.

Saturday was FAB, 65 degress and sunny bright bkue sky. We wen around the city and had brunch with one of our friend 'E' at Cafe Gitane in NoLita, they had the best couscous there, its very authentic french/morrocon taste. We decided not to take the dog to the park since we took the mlast week. Went window shopping in uptown and checked out the new Container Store in Upper East Side. We didn't go out last night and V cooked for us a great chinese food. I am so satiefied :))

We finally got to hang out again with 'C' after almost three months since the christmas party that one of our friend had and definitely will hang out more with her gang soon.

Can't wait for LA trip in two weeks ! Really wanna try out the P.S United flight coast to coast since I have been selling and promoting it for a while, I've heard a long of good thing about them.


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