Tuesday, March 07, 2006

And The Envelope Please ....

Headed to SoHo on Sunday morning, it was such a nice clear day! But before that went to our 'fave' dimsum restaurant Ping's on Mott St. Haven't had dimsum since we got back from Asia so that was great!

Clear crisp day in Soho...

So as you guys know the Oscars were handed last night at the Kodak Theatre. We went to Club Pressure close to U-Square to celebrate with many gays/lesbians community called In thelife. It was really nice, they have these four big screens and very cool changing color room complete with the plasma TV's everywhere.

They served Capote-ni, Transamerica-ni and Brokeback Mountain-ni so basically the mixed drinks that they named for the event. Stoli is one of the sponsor. bar was excellent, food was great, crowd was okay but it was a blast.

I am so glad that PSH won for the best actor and RWS for the best actress and of course Ang Lee for best director for BBM. most definitely Crash for the best picture of the year, thought the movis was really great to watch and understand.

We stayed for about 2 hours since we had to work the next day and continued the show at our apartment.


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