Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring Yet?

What a nice day today - sunny and crisp blue skies - although the temps are still about 40 only, so it still feels like winter.

Woke up so friggin' early this morning at 6am, for some reason F's been waking up so early these days. I love it early weekend mornings cuddling in bed with our two little doggy-babies. Since F got his laptop, instead of reading books in bed, we've been emailing and browsing the web next to eachother in bed, so 21st century of us...

We headed out for a day of shopping... to celebrate F's new job! :-) Headed out this morning and noticed that they tore down that old synagogue on Rivington, thought it was interested, the inside of building is totally exposed - had to take a pic and share with you all.

So we ran into some incredible deals today, the main one is the HUGE Lacoste sale at Bloomingdales!! It was sales + 40% extra off!! we couldn't believe it. Lacoste almost never goes on sale and you know it's a great find when you are fighting with the Bloomingdales staff THEMSELVES over the shirts of the rack... the cashier said that this is such a big sale, even the employees themselves are all over it - we ended up with six different pieces - that'll last for a while.

Keeping up with the Lacoste theme, F went ahead and bought these coolass glasses (Lacoste) as well, they are so hot!

We also picked up a Nespresso machine @ Sur La Table in Soho - have wanted to get one for the longest time,

After a day of shopping uptown/midtown/soho, we ended up having the rice pudding @ Rice Riches in Nolita, have always pass by the place -- it's always looks interesting but never tried it... boy have we been missing out. We ordered a double "french toast / chocolate chip" pudding with espresso topping. Quoting my fave foodie Rachael Ray... Yum-O!!! I'll definitely sneak back there.


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