Monday, March 20, 2006

Shopping Weekend

We started yesterday and completed it today. So much fun shopping together and we can actually wear both clothes and accessories, that is one of the good thing about being a gay couple with almost about the same size of clothes.

We got a lot of stuff this weekend, oh boy ... from spring and summer t-shirts to another pair of shoes and also V's work shoes. I got my bag and also my laptop cover. We haad to thorw away our old shades and got at least 3 more pairs for spring/summer tihs year.

It was pretty windy and cold today but Soho was packed with shoopers, the good thing about NY, there are so many 'deals' out there, You just have to find a right time and a right way to get them. Reading and Browsing internet for deals are one of them, of course from the mailing lists that the stores wanted us to spend money, another good way is looking for those SALE SALE SALE signs at the RIGHT stores though.

It was such a fun weekend before heading to LA.


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