Sunday, March 05, 2006

Saturday Morning Uptown

While Francis was at work (and writing that sweet cheesy blog heheh) I was at a cafe on 110th street / Columbus working. Brought the laptop up there and everything. I know you're probably thinking why I went all the way up there, it had free wi-fi and the croissants were the best in the city... yummy and buttery... hmmm

Afterwards I met up with F on 74th at Lenny's for lunch. F has been telling be about this place and how great their sandwiches were -- and yeah they were. Apparently they're opening another one on 25th between 5th and 6th so I can order lunch from there! :-)

We were stuffed after the sandwich, but when we walked back this cake shop, we just HAD to go in and check it out. Left with two cupcakes - hey we'll hit the gym tomorrow. :-)


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