Sunday, March 05, 2006

Being 30 something ...

I know the title is a lil dramatic ! But that is exactly what I am going to write and share with you folks !

Being 30 something and living a life in one of the greatest city on earth make me really feel that I am 'complete' Having V as my partner for a lil over 3 years and share so much in our life in the past 3 years together was really really great ! I am so glad that I finally found a friend, a crime partner, a person that you can count on each and every day in your life. You feel very safe when you have somebody that you can talk 'shit' and be away too romantic at the same time. When I think back of that I have done a lot of stuff in the past decade, I didn't regret at all what I have said and done, it is part of growing up and really educate me in every way. I had met some good people and seriously, its kinda like a faith of life if you make an effort to keep in touch to the people that you really can count on, its well worth it !!

So we went to Splash Bar last night and took a picture of this 40 something woman who really into the 80's music that they played at the bar. She was dancing nonstop inside the bar and I was luck enough to take a picture of her, I asked if she was a lesbian but she is not ! She was by herself, enjoying the music and drink-dance at the same, she even asked our opinion, is it really bad for me ???

Look what I took a picture on the subway to work. Its a pink nasty dirty scarf that somebody had dropped on the floor.


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