Thursday, March 02, 2006

LA Trip

I came back to LA on Tues nite for a conference on Asian marketing. It was kinda weird to be back. Went out for drinks with my friend M and her biz partner. They shared this awesome technology with me and I definitely might wanna be involved in their venture... we'll see :-)

Staying at the LA Downtown Standard, one of the 'hippest' hotels in LA. The rooms are quite spacious (esp compared to NY) - and since I got the internet deal... cheap.

The rooms are a bit too hip/trendy for me although the roof bar is amazing! I mean, the bathroom doesn't even have a wall.

The shower wall is actually transparent glass which can be seen from the bed and the rest of the room. I can't imagine sharing this room with someone. Not even the tiniest bit of privacy! (the photos are a bit bad, my crappy treo doesn't great pix)

Tonight headed out for drinks with CB. Went to Akbar - a cool gay dive bar in Silverlake.

It was great to finally have a chance to catch up with CB on everything, from personal to business. He's like my family now and I really cherish him as a family/friend and is one of the few people in the world who I feel I can truly call a real friend.


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