Sunday, December 11, 2005

16 days to Xmas

Ho Ho Ho ..
Exactly ! That is what Santa normally shout ! Is he for real ? I used to think that he is the one who always gives me gifts when I was little and we had this habit that on xmas eve, we will put our shoes in front of our room (nice and neat okayyyyy !!!) and the next morning, we will get our gifts right besides the shoes, isn't cute ?

SO the snow came down again for the second time on Friday and I had to be at work by myself for the first hour, luckily all the european clients are not calling like crazy, it was cool. What so cool about NY is the next hour after its raining/snowing like crazy, once the clouds passed by, you will see the most picture perfect in the sky and wait until you take a deep breath, You will appreciate more of the rain.

We started our weekend to use of the deck card again and that is one of the excuse to try a new restaurant so we ended up spent the evening at this cozy little restaurant at Chelsea called Tello. A little tiny italian restaurant which was amazing and the plus is we got $10 off the bill ! The food was FAB. and the restaurant was packed with gay crowds. It was a blast !

The snow mostly had melted today but its still cold and the sky is a bit cloudy. We walked around the city like usual and feel the xmas spirit, people are all around stores from Soho to Chelsea. Something about New Yorkers, no matter how cold and slushy is outsied, they are still out and about and seemed like they don't care at all, it is snowing so what ! we have to go out and enjoy all the excitement that the city always has, especially for the Holiday Seasons. I recalled last year when it was a blizzard outside, we had to go out and feel the first blizzard in NY and there were so many people out and about.

So we went to this Vosgez Haute Chocolat in Soho and had these amazing hot chocalates, I got the regular mint ones and Vince got the Spicy Cinnamon. They cost $5 per cup, but I think its worth it.

Check out this Union Square Christmas Store's crowd, although its kinda wet the ground because of the melted snow, we couldn't even move properly, we needed to really bump into each other shoulders to get from one tent to another. It is an annual event at U-Square.


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