Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Last day in LA

On Sunday, we met up with one of my best of friends, almost family, mr. CB. Since he is Mr. Master-DJ-Producer-Entreprenuer, he actually let us put his picture on here. :-) Here he is on the balcony of our room...

Afterwards F and I headed to Santa Monica to enjoy the rest of the day... what a gorgeous day it was. I've been lucky the last few trips to LA -- always went there right after the rain stopped and the sun came out, which means less smog and clear skies!

After Santa Monica and before the airport, we did one more shopping run and checked out the new Paul Smith store, a huge pink building on Melrose.

And then finally to Kitson, supposedly the 'in' store for celebs. There were these half naked male models as 'live mannequins' -- we wanted to take a picture up front but it was a bit cheesy to do it, so we just took a snap across the street.

Overall the trip to LA was great, productive and fun and exciting at the same time!


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