Monday, March 27, 2006

Sat Day in Sunny CA

So within a weekend in LA, F and I did sooo much -- went all over the city.

Started the day with brunch with my "older sis" S for brunch at the Ivy - the celeb hangout -- no sightings that day but F did have a $45 lobster pasta... heheh Was worth it tho, Ivy is something to be experienced if you've never been.

After that we headed around Weho on Robertson and Melrose and did some shopping. I can't believe we've never shopped in those boutiques before. But I guess our 'fashion sense' was Banana Republic for him and thrift-store chic (uhhh) for me. :-) This time we headed to Marc Jacobs to check out their bags, and I bought a cool messenger bag - the most I've ever spent on a piece of accessory.

Then headed to beverly center, grabbed a Coffee Bean and continued shopping.

Our hotel room was filled with shopping bags after we were done, I guess that's when a jr. suite comes in handy.. :-)

Saturday night, after a day of exhaustive shopping, we headed to an art conference function in Pasadena - great food and open bar (although didn't drink since we were partied out the night before) - amazing set up and even Pink's hotdog were there - talk about LA-style catering!!

Open Bar...

Great food...



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