Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fools Weekend

It's Saturday night, and want to catch y'all up on our goings on. On Friday I went to Coney Island for the first time -- it was actually still quite chilly (even colder than the city actually!) - but I did manage to head over to the very Original Nathan's hot dog for a quick bite after the meeting and before heading back to the office.

Last nite we headed back to that 'all you can eat meat' place in Tribeca -- Churrasica Platforma - didn't overstuff myself but did take a pic of their cool wine room.

After dinner, walked over to the SOho Grand bar for a quick drink before headed home -- didn't see any celebs that night though although S.Johannsen is rumored to hang at the bar there. P.S. if you want a free copy of Timeout, they have them for free at Soho Grand. :-) (I know cheap chink tip) :-)

This morning was actually nice despite the warning that it would 'thunderstorm' throughout the day, apparently it didn't rain till like about 2p when we snuck into the theater and saw two very CHEESY movies... Failure to Launch & Basic Instincts 2... I know I know, you guys are probably questioning our film choices - but hey , we need see Thank You for Smoking when we were in LA... that was a riot and more 'arty' than our choices this weekend. Anyways, by then it was raining outside anyways.

Before the movie though, we went to the gym (yes especially after last night's all-meat dinner), and headed to Nolita and checked out The Market where local designers get to sell their wares... it's kinda like walking into a Project Runway casting waiting room... $39 for a little bag with skulls - what a rip off. :-P

Afterwards, we passed Happy Paws, the pet store on Lafayette that actually cut Rocky's tongue when we took them in for grooming, to pick up doggie shampoo. They were actually holding a doggie birthday party in the store. It was interesting, a bunch of dogs and their owners - interesting how the dogs were interacting with eachother more than the humans. There was even drinks, chips, crackers and cheese for the 'humans'. I mean we love our Buffy and Rocky, but... a birthday party is a bit much...

Tonight we were lazy but forced ourselves to head out for dinner, try a new restaurant on Ave. A. A spanish Tapas place between 1st and 2nd. Was actually quite good... a bit pricey for those small little taps but the food was really amazing and the drinks were spectacular -- first time drinking a pomergrante cocktail. Was definitely yummy!

On the walk home, we see spring in full bloom...

which inspired us to pick up some flowers (we're both not really 'flower people') for the house. What a great way to ring in what is supposed to a GORGEOUS Sunday tomorrow!

BTW< the only "fool" that happened to us today was probably the two cheesy movies back to back ;-))))


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