Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spontaneus Philly Trip

So last Saturday after the long rainy day we decided around 3P to take the 5P train to Philly. Again, another quick spontaneous trip.

When we got there the rain has stopped and we were able to actually enjoy the last hour of the sun before its dawn.

The Rittenhouse Square is definitely has to be visited when you guys come to Philly. A little cute park surroundings by these old artistic buildings.

Stayed at this historic Park Hyatt and got a junior suite right in the city center.

It was a bit cold than we thought, we headed out to ALMA de CUBA, the same owner of Morimoto that just opened in MPD area in NY.

The food was great and the athmosphere was very chic and stylist. Check out the 'cigar desert' that we had, they even lighted up part of the desert and it does look like a real cigar (or a piece of shit) ! Excellent !!

The next day of course the blue bright sky finally came out after a long day rain the day before,

we started the day to check out the most popular brunch place for locals called JONES. Again, the food was amazing and the atmosphere is very zen, most of the colour inside is green and it really makes you feel very relaxing. Philly is actually one of the city in the eastern US that has a lot of good restaurants to offer.

Got some stuff for ourselves, shop again like we always do :))

We also checked out the South Street when the stores were open, last time when we were there, most of the shops were closed because we were too early. it really looks like Haight Street in SF, lots of funky little stores plus the vintage stores.

So overall it was a good trip for us, its exactly 24 hours we were there and definitely taking train is one of the most convenient way to go.


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