Saturday, April 15, 2006

dripping friday

so I took Friday off work (although was still glued to the computer all morning), it was nice to just hang out and relax. The weather was kinda crappy though so F and I headed to catch up on the two movies we've been waiting to see...scary movie 4 which opened this weekend was hilarious... although the scenes poking fun at War of the Worlds wasn't 1/2 as funny as them making fun of Tom Cruise and his psychotic episode on Oprah. I thought the first few SMovies were better though.

then we hopped, yes hopped, over to see Friends with Money, you know the movie with Jennifer Aniston and those 3 other actresses.. heheh you know it's all about JEN, actually she wasn't half bad. The other actresses were strong but Catherine Keener, she's really my favorite. She just rocks the screen in whatever movie she's in... she's someone you want to see MORE of, and should have a starring role sometime soon.

The highlight of the movie-going experience, for the two of us E!-watching, celeb-sneering guys, was the 'sighting' of Natalie Portman in Friends with Money. The theater was quick packed and full and she came in kinda late, and was forced to sit all the way in the front (we were kinda in the front as well), and all the way against the wall. It was funny when she tried to smile sweetly to the girl in our row who was saving seats for friends, that girl totally ignored her.

You can tell Ms. Portman was looking for a sign of 'recognition' or 'excitement' from those around her, but no one gave a damn (this IS new york afterall - not the celeb-obsessed LA from wherence (??) we came) except for us.


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