Friday, April 14, 2006

The Orchard

This place is voted one of the best BYOB restaurants in the city. last night we hung out with our friends G&J and had dinner there.

Before dinner we met the duo (and their str8 duo friends) at Epstein's bar, corner of stanton and allen -- and of course, since we are on the hip&happening LES, we spotted B-list celeb elijah wood -- yeah, that's right the hobbit from LOTR. he looked 12 with a backpack and carrying a huge camera -- i guess he's an aspiring photographer...

i guess everyone is 'aspiring' to be something else they are not, ie no one is satisfied and the grass is always greener. :-)

The Orchard really has great food. Their flatbreads are to DIE for and their tuna tar tar, one of the best and most unique i've ever had. And because it was BYOB, it probably cut our bill by at least 30%. We grabbed 3 bottles (2 white and 1 red) at September (a hip wine shop) just close by and didn't even need to wait for seats.

Half drunk (some of us fully drunk), we took pictures of these four asian girls (i think they were korean) and joked that they were the Asian version of Sex in the City, had to post their pic in here:

F and I will definitely go back there again during the week.

p.s. Stanton Social is overrated, went there at 8:30 they said first thing they have is 11:30p. whatever, the place is way too 'touristy-sceney' -- ie. the Ivy of the LES.


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