Thursday, August 10, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

So we finally watched it and it turned out to be good !
It tells you about the up and down from the regular family life in a daily basis and how important to be a winner than a loser
I thought Greg Kinner has the best acting by far although Toni C. was pretty good not sure about others but definitely the little miss sunshine whom dance like a stripper at the end of the movie
Totally reccomended

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Vince's Birthday

So last night was V's birthday and we celebrated at the 'around the corner restaurant' - Dumont/

The food was fabalous as usual, that was the second time we were there and I am sure we will go back for more.

Check out the V's birthday cake - (I was so surprised! F got me this amazing Tag Heuer watch as well!! - vt)

We are still unpacking stuff and this weekend will be finishing it up and relax.

We are getting used to the big space and its been great, just have to train the babies more to 'do' their stuff.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

First Day of the month - Second Day in our new home

So we finally moved into the house in Wburg. It has been almost 48 hours, I counted it as per hour since we didn't have too much sleep-had to deal with all the boxes and also the whole thing about the new enviroment including being outside your own backyard whenever you want !!! YAY !

Our babies seemed to like the bigger space for them and options for them to go indoor or outdoor, definitely its a big plus-with laundry inside the house and everytwhere is so spacious-at least a lot larger than our previous nest.

We are looking forward to rearrange stuff and definitely a new neighbourhood here in Wburg.

Ciao for now !