Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Gorgeous Monday

Weather has been really nice after the stormy storm last week.

So we finally ended the weekend watching 'Strangers with Candy' very hilarious movie with lots of different characters and actually it was a tv show and they did a movie of it. There is one Indonesian person character in the movie since one of the writers is Indonesian. V was the once who wanted to see it and it was really entertaining.

The night before we actually went out until around 4am in the morning (haven't done that for awhile)-we started going to XES Lounge in Chelsea to celebrate one of our friend's bday party and continued at one of the east village's karaoke place with some friends which was very fun !!!

We went to this Southern Food Restaurant called Maroons in Chelsea, the food was excellent-the fried chicken is to die for-the empanada is one of the BEST in the city

Friday, July 21, 2006

Have You Conffessed ???

So we finally went to her concert for the second time ! She really rocked the house. She started with future lover's song with moving horse background and she came up from this huge disco ball and became like a tree.
She sang most of the songs from her new album including JUMP and she ended it with HANG UP
It was a good 2 hours show and last night was her last show in NY and she is going to continue in Europe with 8 SOLD OUT show in London alone !

We all wish her well and have a healthy concert considering she is 47 now and she has to still jump and dance all over the stage !

You ROCK Esther !!!

Here's a picture of Madison Square Garden filling up before the show... love those purple lights

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

GOD . .it's hot today !

I think summer is really finally here ! Yesterday was awful and today is worst ! And I've heard tomorrow will not be better
After fighting with the heat inside my office which was around 105 degress considering it was 95 degress outside since one of the AC is not working, thank god i have my own little fan below my desk and its helping me a bit

We finally went to Dumont yesterday to have lunch in Wburg which is a block away from our new house. We are really excited to move next two weeks and decorate our new place.

At the Dumont Patio...

People are a lot friendlier outside the city, they even welcomes us to their neighbourhood - strangers who sat right next to us when we were having lunch yesterday at Dumont. We did also finally try Relish a day before and again, we had the same experience. People are not trying as hard, they are more real and definitely friendlier.

So this week will be a busy weeknights for us . .starting tomorrow, I (F) will be going to have dinner with my coworkers, it should be nice and Wed. will be the Madonna night - yes we are going to her concert for the second time with bunch of friends, Thur. we definitely want to go out and enjoy the LES area before we really leave, they opened some new rest and Friday-V wil l try to get me in to the Asian Film Festival Event. John-one of our friend will have his bday party at XES Lounge that should be fun as well-love the outdoor part. And will end it on Sunday night-Dynastea Event from the GAPIMNY organization.

Can't wait to write them all in this blog.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

MOre stuff

So we spent yesterday strolling around town and spent another few $$$ on stuff for the 'new place'. We were careful not to buy anything that we can't take with us eventually since this is only a rental. It seems that all the stores in the city are 'on sale' -- tons of great deals at PBarn and C&B. But we gotta be careful -- don't wanna over do it since we haven't even moved in yet!

Last night we hung out with our friend Courtney and her 'posse'. :-) She just got a cool new job at a photographer mgmt agency and we're so totally happy for her. She was in such a "devils wear prada" situation before and now she's 100 times happier. Anyways, was nice to chill with everyone and ended with wine on our rooftop - 360 degree views of the city -- we'll miss that for sure when we move to Billburg.

Speaking of the move, we actually took the step and sent out that e-vite for our housewarming party in Aug this last Thursday -- and a few people responded already -- should be a blast and really looking forward to it!

Gonna head to Cafe Gitane for brunch and then hang out around town again. Maybe take Buffy and Rocky to Tompskin Sq Park first to play. :-)

Saturday, July 08, 2006


It's been a crazy week this week, although it's only a 3 day workday - but boy o boy the drama at work... whew. Not gonna go into it since everything is 'confidential'. Let's just say "TGIF!!!!"

It's such a gorgeous day today and just supposed to get better this weekend. After full two weeks of gloomy / rainy / sticky / hot weather - today it completely cleared up and BLUE SKIES once again.

Last nite we went again to our fave BYOB in the LES called Orchard. IF you haven't tried it out, it's a MUST TRY. Amazing flatbreads although the $24 risotto is little bit of a rip off...

So a few weeks back we went to one of our friend's partners' book launch party in Hells Kitchen. He's a 'master chef' and published a book on "environmentally conscious cooking" - interesting huh? Such an "LA-minded" book published by an old time (not old mind you:-) ) NYorker. Here's a picture of the cake featuring the cover of the book.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

4th of July Weekend

Finally the weather cleared up - after a whole week of rainy / nasty weather, it's actually sunny and summery -- even a bit breezy and cool. Can't wait to spend this weekend out and about.

The rain didn't stop us from grabbing a bite this week. Trying to take in as much of LES and EVillage before we head out to Williamsburg in August. So we went to our favorite Peruvian restaurant for dinner on 1st Ave (or is it Ave A). Anyways, they have the most amazing and affordable meals. We always have a great experience there.

So right now it's super-sales season in the city I guess, sales everywhere. Got a couple pairs of shoes this week and gonna grab some shirts over the weekend. Trying to dress more 'professional' -- know what I mean?

Can't wait to check out Superman and Devil Wears Prada this weekend as well - probably gonna see them back to back :-))